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transforming scientific knowledge into technological innovations.

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NanoSpaceLab Ltd.

Scientific Innovations

Welcome on Nanospacelab

The company was founded in 2011. We bring together specialists from various fields from both the world of science and industry. In multidisciplinary teams, we implement the mission of combining science and industry. We select the best specialists from the world of science to meet the needs of industrial partners and to the same extent we look for industrial partners interested in new technologies developed by our partners from the world of science.

In order to increase the scale of our activities and reduce the risk arising from the implementation of projects, we are looking for additional sources of financing by acquiring European Funds as well as other public and private funds.

We are open to cooperation with young ambitious scientists and talented students. We have our own funds as well as we represent partners who can invest in interesting ideas. We also have legal and administrative facilities to ensure that our partners' intellectual property is respected.

Economic activity

We combine science and industry, transforming scientific knowledge into technological innovation.

Outsourcing services

Outsourcing services in research and development.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting and creation of new enterprises (Start-up, Spin off)

European Projects

Acquisition and implementation of European projects


Representing industrial partners

Scope of conducted works.

What are we currently doing?

Design and production

Design and production of substrates for screening organic materials.

Process automation

Design and production of substrates for screening organic materials.

Research spectrum

Design and production of substrates for screening organic materials.

Cooperation with us


If you are interested in working with us, please contact us for more information.


Out Team

We are a team of competent and qualified people. There are no restrictions for us.

dr Zbigniew Szamel

Chief Technology Officer

17 years of international experience in creating and implementing technological innovations. Comprehensive education in the field of exact sciences: electronics, physics and computer science as well as a PhD in chemistry in the field of nanotechnology.

mgr inż Piotr Kantkowski

Chief Innovation Technology Officer

Specialization: databases, blockchain, project management, implementation.

Adrian Lipiński

Programmer LabView

Specialization: process programming, Labview.

Dominik Szaradowski

Programmer C#/Java/Web

Specialization: programming, databases, blockchain, Web, B2C, B2B, mobile applications, linux servers.

Roman Kantkowski

Electronic specialist

Specialization: electronics, industrial automation.


NanoSpaceLab Ltd.
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