WVTR system

A system for automated testing of the quality of barrier materials based on optical methods for measuring the rate of water vapor permeability on a tested sample.

Project description

WVRT is a very important parameter determining the barrier and sealing properties of materials. Barrier and sealing materials are required to be able to hermetically protect the products they protect against diffusion of water vapor and oxygen. Barrier and sealing materials are used as packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries to protect products from contact with steam, which accelerates the deterioration of these products, can cause bacteriological infection or degradation of their components.

The demand for barrier materials is enforced by the need for optimal protection of raw materials, semi-finished products and products in subsequent stages: storage, transport, distribution to the final recipient. The main recipients of barrier materials are producers of packaging, building materials and electronic components. The value of global packaging production is estimated at EUR 450 billion. The basic parameter characterizing the barrier is the value of the water vapor transmission rate (WVRT), which is defined as the amount of water vapor diffusing in grams across the surface of m2 per day, at 85% humidity, at a temperature of 20oC [PN-EN ISO 15106-1.2.3:2005].

Requirements for barrier materials depend on their use. Food safety materials must have a WVRT value of 102-10-1 g / m2 / day, medical device and sensor packaging: 10-1-10-2 g / m2 / day. The dynamically growing industry of advanced electronic products based on flexible organic or inorganic hybrid materials places the highest demands on the value of this parameter. Such products include RFD, flexible displays (so-called displays), organic photovoltaics (OPV) and light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which must be protected with materials with the highest barrier of 10-5-10-6 g / m2 / day.

Producers of packaging for advanced biotechnology, medical and electronic products need an easy-to-use system for measuring the value of water vapor permeability, which would allow for a quick measurement of this parameter at the level of 10-5 -10-6 g / m2 / day, which is not provided by any of used methods, this gap will be filled by the automated measurements of water vapor penetration rate offered by NanoSpaceLab based on a calcium test using optical and electric methods.

Project advantages

We combine science and industry, transforming scientific knowledge into technological innovation.

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