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Over the years, following the rapid development of advanced technologies, traditional technical draft has also become a specialty supported by computer software. 

introduction – design

How do we do it? 

Each of our designers started out in computer design as a hobby. Now we creates advanced sketches with incredible accuracy while finding quietness. This way, he always has a fresh mind and a fully focused head, so our projects achieve incredible quality and customer satisfaction.  Check out our offer below! 

electronic design

Electronic Circuits

These circuits are now used in almost, every device of both domestic and industrial application.

prototypes of machines and devices

Prototypes of machinery and devices

The construction of machine prototypes is the construction of equipment that the customer plans to put into wider production in-house.

medical and diagnostic devices

Medical and diagnostic devices

Devices that help people with their diseases, as well as diagnose potential risks they may be exposed to.

create process

Designing with our eyes 

The collection of equipment we make is very abundant, ranging from low-end PCBs and 3D printed designs to hugely elaborate, multi-phase concepts such as a Disinfection Gate, water vapor transmission rate machine and Probe Station.

After initial contact with us, we set up a mutually convenient date with the customer to discuss all the details. Based on our experience, we are able to provide our insights and make any adjustments almost immediately. During the ongoing project, we are constantly in contact with the client signaling progress. Using CAD our experience and knowledge of physics and chemistry, we realize our clients’ concepts, which were initially only a creation of their imagination.

measurement systems

Measurement systems

Devices characterized by very high precision measurements. Often used in laboratories and universities.

3D design

3D design

Create 3D designs in a computer program and then make it a reality with a 3D printer.

Contact us and we will realize your concepts!