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IT services

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of computer science and software development. We employ developers who can be quickly implemented in any IT project to help you move forward in your development map. 

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 Software development 

We have a wide set of skills. We create tailor-made applications and websites, responsive and adjusted to the current market standards. Mobile applications that can improve customer experience with your brand, increase its visibility and facilitate sales. Desktop applications installed directly on a desktop or laptop computer. They can handle printouts, employee cards, barcode scanning and much more. 

The IT services we offer also include dedicated solutions for your business and investment. We design entire platforms from backend to frontend. Advanced administration panel and support for unconventional products – this is just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities offered by such solutions. 

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Web applications

 Web applications are applications placed on a server, available to users via the Internet. Like websites, they are launched via the browser and, due to their global reach, offer versatile possibilities. 

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Mobile applications

Mobile applications are applications that run on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Their appearance and construction are designed to guarantee the user comfortable operation on small touch screens.

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Desktop applications

Desktop applications are applications designed specifically for your operating system that are installed directly on your computer and you don’t need Internet access to run them.

Other IT services

IT services for demanding customers

Or maybe you are interested in the Internet of Things (IoT)? No problem! A system of electronic devices that can automatically communicate and exchange data over a network without user intervention. This may be the perfect solution for you, as such systems have become very popular recently and bring a lot of benefits and facilities to the business world. We also deal with the administration and maintenance of Linux-based servers. This enables the safe operation of the server in 24/7 mode, which means that we guarantee the continuity of operation at the level of 99% with the possibility of restoring the backup up to 30 days back.

The IT services we offer are aimed at small and large companies, often looking for quick solutions. It often happens that we receive complicated orders, but we are not afraid of challenges! If you focus on professionalism, need talented programmers and want to quickly get a quote for your project, just contact us and briefly describe your idea. We are happy to propose solutions and adapt to your needs.

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Dedicated software

Dedicated software is a set of applications, systems, devices and IT services combined to create a complete product tailored to individual needs of the user.

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Internet of things

Internet of things (IoT) is a concept of automatic cooperation and data exchange between various electronic devices.

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Programming outsourcing

If you need skilled IT employees for your company, and you don’t want to deal with completing the entire team, programming outsourcing is the best choice for you.

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