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Electronics design

Designing electronic circuits, which are an indispensable part of electronic devices, is a way for Nanospacelab to turn your ideas into real products that meet market requirements.

electronic design
about us

Cooperation with us

Our extensive experience in the field of designing printed circuit boards allows us to guarantee professionalism and punctuality of orders. We have the most modern electronics design software, so we can create professional PCB prototypes. We treat each order individually, providing professional support and advice in the field of creating reliable and precise PCBs. 

Prototypes are always made based on the requirements, guidelines and specifications provided by the customer, as well as the necessary documentation that we collect during design. 

from schematic to circuit board

Electronics design – PCB


Electronics design stage 

We perform analyzes to create a list of necessary technologies and components. We develop electronic diagrams and design printed circuit boards and, if necessary, device housings and other mechanical elements. 


Prototype of an electronic device

he next stage of works is the preparation of a prototype of the device. When creating a prototype, we work with the code and during this work we constantly test the assumed functionalities of the device. 


Testing the PCB

Electronic circuits are often used in equipment operating in harsh environments. Testing a newly created system or device in an environment close to real working conditions can detect all design defects and then eliminate them.


Final stage of production

If the tests confirm that the electronics meet all the assumptions, the prototype is handed over to the customer for approval. Customer comments are taken into account and, as far as possible, entered into on an ongoing basis. In order to keep up with the development of electronics, we offer our partners the possibility of continuous development of their products. 

How much is it?

PCB design – Price

Each PCB prototype is priced individually. The cost depends, among others from the complexity of the order, the scope of the activities performed or the time that we have to spend on designing the printed circuit board. To pre-estimate the PCB design price, we need to get the basic wiring diagram, component list and PCB board requirements from the customer. After receiving the necessary data, we can not only evaluate the PCB design, but also determine the estimated date of work.

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