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Web applications

Web applications are applications placed on a server, available to users via the Internet. Like websites, they are launched via the browser and, due to their global reach, offer versatile possibilities.

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Brief explanation

How do web applications work?

Web applications can be run on any device – both mobile and desktop – that has Internet access and a browser. They resemble websites, but differ from them by a much greater level of advancement and interaction with the user. They don’t require any installation, no matter if you use a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone – they are available to any Internet user who enters the appropriate address using any device and operating system. Due to this, web applications don’t take up local memory and will not be lost or damaged as a result of device failure.

There is also no need to install updates – this task is performed on the server side, and the user always runs the latest version of the application via the browser.

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No installation – works like an interactive website
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Run on any device with Internet and browser
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Globally available cloud data
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Versatile possibilities
Purpose and offer

Is it suitable for me?

It is a very modern and popular form of software that combines convenience with versatility and powerful possibilities – most often functioning as an interactive website. It is an excellent and even indispensable solution for any business that wants to be active on the Web, serving many customers.

Web applications are online shops, social networks, electronic banking and all places on the Internet where you can place an order, make a reservation or an online payment. If you run a business of this type, a web application will be a necessary tool for you, without which it will be difficult to meet the expectations of customers using such technologies on a daily basis. This way you will make your business noticeable and competitive on the market.

You can also use such software for internal use in your company – it’s enough that access will be possible only through login and password, and the application will be used only by authorized persons – but still from wherever they are. A web app will also come in handy if you want to design something more complex, combining multiple functions and communicating multiple devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. In such a project, data is stored on the server and exchanged on an ongoing basis between devices and applications – including web applications, which prove themselves, for example, as easily accessible and appropriately developed management panels.

Do you need something more dedicated to mobile devices and touch screens? You will surely be interested in mobile applications!

Rather, do you think about a specialized, powerful application only for internal use? Desktop applications may be what you are looking for.

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