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Desktop applications

Desktop applications are applications designed specifically for your operating system that are installed directly on your computer and you don’t need Internet access to run them.

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Brief explanation

What is the thing?

Desktop applications are located locally on your computer, which makes them private. Access to them is very convenient for the user and doesn’t require the use of a web browser. As a result, you don’t have to worry about whether your software will run on a browser that is not modern enough or not updated on a regular basis – desktop applications are “tailor-made” so that they are compatible with your computer or laptop. Independence from the connection to the Internet additionally entails their better performance, stability and security. After one-time installation, the application becomes a permanent part of your device’s equipment and a unique, individual tool, access to which is possible only for you or within your company.

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Purpose and offer

Why choose desktop applications?

You should consider choosing desktop applications if you want to create in-house software for your business that won’t be accessible to outsiders via the Internet. This could be, for example, an accounting management system or a system for storing and organizing large amounts of data. This choice is even more advisable if you plan to design an extensive system that performs many calculations and processes – then such a solution provides stability and speed.

It is also recommended for customers who need an application that works efficiently with other devices connected to the computer, such as printers, cash registers, etc. Desktop applications will benefit from easy access to the resources of your device and will be perfect as a specialized, exclusive tools created for the needs of your business.

Do you need something designed especially for mobile devices and touch screens? You will surely be interested in mobile applications!

Do you prefer a more universal solution? Do you want your application to be available on the Internet and displayed on any device, just like websites? This and much more are offered by web applications!

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