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Disinfection gate NanoGT

Due to the danger that humanity has to face from 2020, our team decided to build an disinfection gate that will help stop the spread of the disease, which is COVID-19. 

Disinfection gate
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Ultrasonic disinfection gate – NanoGT 

The gate generates a dry mist of the sanitizing fluid using an ultrasonic head. 10 micrometer particles perfectly cover clothes, shoes, leather, luggage surfaces or tools of people passing through the gate, effectively neutralizing viruses, bacteria and fungus. The fog does not leave traces or smells and is completely safe for people using the device.

high performance
High performance
Contactless operation
LED display

The decontamination process

As soon as a person approaches the gate, it is automatically activated. The decontamination process itself takes 5 – 30 seconds depending on the settings. The gate informs about the end of the process and the possibility of the next person passing. 

Everything under control



Our gates, as the only ones on the market, have a remote management and monitoring system  



By purchasing a subscription, the customer gains access to the on-line service, where he can monitor his gates and the course of the disinfection process, he also has the ability to set basic parameters.



In the on-line service, the customer can configure the gate parameters, including time of fogging.


Security and integration

The subscription ensures full security and access to data from mobile devices.

Remote control 
Light and mobile construction
Individual configuration
Technical data

NanoGT Specification

Disinfection gate – NanoGT

• 1000 disinfection without liquid refilling

• 150 people per hour (20 seconds per person)  

• Tank capacity: 12 liters  

• Possibility to configure your own settings 

• Connect the Internet LAN or LTE modem 

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Warranty and inspections

The gate is covered by a 12-month warranty and inspection  

Ultrasonic fogging devices require a warranty inspection every 6 months

For customers with a subscription to the online monitoring system, the warranty inspections are free of charge 

You can also have the NanoGT product! Save your employees and customers!